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Kavisha Group takes pride in having executed multiple landmark projects in Ahmedabad. We have created benchmarks and catered to and cared for the smallest requirements of our customers and associates.


Kavisha Group

Kavisha Group takes pride in having executed multiple landmark projects in Ahmedabad. We have created benchmarks and catered to and cared for the smallest requirements of our customers and associates.

We have and shall always keep all our projects “people-centric” and keep offering luxurious amenities at affordable prices.

A great team is made up of great individuals our team consists of experienced architects, engineers, consultants, masons & professionals who shape dreams into reality with a very high standard of construction quality.

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We Build Thoughtful And Sustainable Infrastructure

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create not only futuristic spaces but also ensure sustainable living. In a world where everyone is in a race to build bigger, better and larger; we want to create spaces that are smart, sustainable & surreal in appeal.

Spaces for every woman & man who can call it their own.

Our Values

The core value with which everyone at Kavisha works is care. In our journey as real estate developers, we pledge to care as much as we can. We pledge to care for the environment, for the people & everything/everyone who is a part of this wonderful planet.

We care for a better future, we care for a better us.


Our Visionaries

Ramesh Patel

Founder, Chief Managing Director

With a strong belief in going strong no matter what, Mr. Ramesh Patel gilded through all the challenges that came across him as he started from scratch in the real estate industry.

After being in the public sector for almost two decades, Mr. Patel decided to pursue his dream of being a real estate developer. Beginning with small achievements to learning a lot from the market & surviving the odds of this industry helped him prove his mettle as an insightful developer.

Taking challenges head-on, treating each day as a learning opportunity & having the will to offer nothing but the best to customers is what sets him apart from the rest, & we can proudly proclaim that #KavishaCares because he cares for the best of everyone's interest.

Parth Patel

Managing Director

An alumnus of esteemed institutes like CEPT, IIM Bangalore and Nirma, Parth Patel is a creative and dynamic young professional. Parth Patel adds a flair of modernity to the soul of the Kavisha Group.

He has brought a contemporary approach to the company while also preserving its core values. Parth is a perfectionist and he makes sure to be a part of the entire process right from strategy-making to execution to handing over the final product to the clients. The way he is personally involved with the clients gives Kavisha Group an edge over others. Parth has always believed that caring is the essence of any relationship, personal or professional.

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Our Values

Always Evolving

For the past 24 years, Kavisha Group has been a pioneer in the real estate industry in Ahmedabad, embodying values that set us apart. Our journey has been one of constant evolution, adapting to the changing times and striving for excellence.


Our caring nature extends beyond business. Kavisha Group actively engages with the local community, supporting social causes and uplifting those in need. We believe in making a positive impact wherever they operate.


Customer-centricity is at the core of their business philosophy. Kavisha Group consistently goes the extra mile to ensure customers' satisfaction, providing personalized experiences and delivering homes that exceed expectations.

Environment Friendly

With a deep commitment to the environment, we have spearheaded sustainable practices in all our projects. Our buildings stand as testaments to our eco-friendly approach, seamlessly blending with nature.


Innovation is the driving force behind Kavisha Group's achievements. With each project, we try to bring something new, something never-before for the industry and our customers.


Our bold ideas and forward-thinking approach have transformed the real estate landscape in Ahmedabad, setting new standards for the industry where we're known for the best planning that fulfills the needs of anyone living at our spaces.


Collaboration lies at the heart of their success. Kavisha Group fosters a culture of teamwork, where diverse, the best of all talents come together to create exceptional spaces.


As a leader, Kavisha Group has redefined the meaning of success. We have created a social ecosystem where all stakeholders thrive, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment.

Health Conscious

Health consciousness is ingrained in every aspect of Kavisha Group's projects. From creating spaces that promote wellness to incorporating fitness amenities and taking care of the stakeholders, we prioritize the well-being of our residents, channel partners and our families.

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